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“….Sports Scheduler will cure just about any scheduling headache…. as its name implies, the package will let you schedule any type of league play sporting event…. it’s an elegant solution to a problem that plagues anyone who manages intramural sports, little leagues, or sports recreation leagues…. Sports Scheduler crunches out the schedule in a matter of minutes….”

Chris Shipley


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“Aimed at people who organize sports league competition…. ….Sports Scheduler simplifies a complex task while filling a very specific need not shared by most personal computer owners…. ….for those deeply involved in recreational sports, Sports Scheduler is a real find.”

Gregg Keiser

Georgetown County Parks & Recreation
Georgetown, South Carolina

I have tried about as many scheduling programs as anyone and finally found one that can do,very simply, all I need to do as far as scheduling is concerned… I scheduled nineteen leagues (97 teams) at seventeen fields… Your program is by far the best I have tried….The editing capabilities of the program are extraordinary and a big plus…. I cannot thank you enough. Sports Scheduler has made our program much better….

Sincerely, Eddie Oliver                                                                      Georgetown County Parks & Rec.

Avon Parks & Recreation Department                                                Avon, CT

Having used your Sports Scheduler program for the past four years, and the TimeSlot Scheduling program for the past year, I wanted to take this opportunity to commend Sports Software Associates for its contribution to the success of our department.  We have found your software programs easy to understand and use, at a price that can be afforded – unlike more involved programs on the market.

….. I have been involved with league scheduling since 1972 and now use your program to produce league schedules that are fair, clear, concise, attractive/readable, and belie the amount of time actually spent on creating them….

….. Your TimeSlot Scheduler program is also very simple to learn and use.  It has replaced our manual process of scheduling our facilities using paper calendars and appointmentr books…  I have tried other time slot scheduling programs, however, their complexity, constant updates, and required yearly support fees make them unfeasible for use in our office…    TimeSlot Scheduler “gets the job done” without all the fancy bells, whistles, and unneeded extras, and has provided this office, through our networked computers, instant access for scheduling all our town facilities….

…… your thorough and friendly support, when questions arise is a welcomed relief when compared to other software companies….. I wish you continued success and remain a willing reference for your products.  

Glenn Marston – Director                                                                         Avon Parks & Recreation Department                                                       Avon, CT

Forest Park, Georgia

I just wanted to drop you a line or two in regards to what is in my opinion the finest sports scheduling program on the market today…. This year we expect to schedule over 125 youth leagues, ranging in size from 10 to 75 teams per league and all these schedules will be done using Sports Scheduler…. I must be honest and tell you we did purchase several other scheduling programs in an effort to create the fairest and most dependable schedules…. we found Sports Scheduler to be superior to everything we tried.

I would be proud to recommend your program to anyone without hesitation.

Sincerely,                                                                                                Doug Ledford, Owner

City of Mobile Parks & Recreation
Mobile, Alabama

Sports Scheduler is a life saver! We have used the program for the past two years, and love it… We have approximately 280 teams divided into about 40 different leagues…. All the other scheduler programs we purchased in the past did not work. They didn’t provide flexibility to modify the schedules to fit our needs. One program always scheduled the same team to play in the same 6:30pm time slot each week which was totally unacceptable….  Thank you for taking the time to develop this software. It is evident that you know what sports scheduling is all about…

Sincerely,                                                                                                 Debbie Blackburn
Recreation Department

Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami
Miami, Florida

….. Sports Scheduler has been an immediate, effective solution to the problem of developing game schedules for our baseball and basketball programs….. the software performed better than claimed in your advertisements…. ….. in the first application we fully recoveredthe cost of buying the program…. as a data processing professional for more than 30 years, using Sports Scheduler on our PC has been nothing short of a pleasure….

Sincerely,                                                                                                  Tom Winston
Coordinator, Scheduling
Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami

City of Sunrise
Department of Leisure Services

Sunrise, Florida

Sports Scheduler is a big time saving and efficient program we now use to create all our league schedules. There is no comparison between any of the other scheduling programs I have used and Sports Scheduler. They don’t even come close in terms of simplification or ease of use. …..The program is fun to use…. definitely makes scheduling uncomplicated and produces balanced professional looking schedules.

Sincerely,                                                                                                 David Parise
Athletic Supervisor

Birmingham, Alabama

“THANK-YOU” for creating SPORTS SCHEDULER….. I purchased the program one year ago and recently bought the Universal League/Team Standings program…… I can’t begin to tell you how valuable both these programs have been to me and my staff. They have freed many valuable hours and saved us from the many headaches associated with doing the schedules and publishing the standings each week…..

Best of luck to you, Sincerely,                                                                   Frank Horn
Executive Director

Bob Rioux
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