“League/Team STANDINGS”    

League/Team Standings is a big time saving program that reduces the weekly task of calculating the standings of teams in a league to just a few short minutes.  Selection menus and on screen instructions provide all the information needed to run use this program.


Simply call up a division file, enter the number of games that were played, select the winning and losing team names and enter the scores. If a game is a tie, simply enter the scores and they will be recorded as such. After all game scores are entered, the standings are automatically calculated, can be viewed, printed and saved as a file.

League/Team Standings is a stand alone program.  But, division files created by either League/Team Standings or Sports Scheduler are compatible with this program (no need to re-enter division files).



     Most Recent Games Played:

    HAWKS 5,  TIGERS 3

    MENS SOFTBALL LEAGUE:               DATE: 5/5/97

    TEAMS     W – L – T   PTS   GP   PF   PA PERCENT

    FALCONS   9   2   0    18   11   15    8    .818
    EAGLES    7   3   1    15   11   18    5    .681
    HAWKS     6   5   0    12   11   13   12    .545
    TIGERS    5   5   1    11   11   21   16    .500


W-L-T   =   WIN – LOSS – TIE                           
PTS     =   POINTS – Total points (2 points for a              win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points              for a loss.)                             
GP      =   GAMES PLAYED – The total of all games              played to date. W +L+T= GP               
PF      =   POINTS FOR – The running total of              points, runs, goals, etc., scored by              the team.                                
PA      =   POINTS AGAINST – The running total of              points, runs, goals, etc., scored              against a team.                          
PERCENT =   A teams winning percentage is calculated               by adding the number of “wins” plus one               half the number of “ties” divided by the               total number of games played.               W+(T/2)/GP = PERCENT                                         
The option to print the most recent game scores entered with the standings is provided. Printing the most recent game scores entered provides a hard copy record and informs everyone the results of games played and entered.


Occasionally the wrong scores are entered and must be changed. No problem. To edit individual team scores simply recall the appropriate league and select Option 3 on the STANDINGS MENU. The number of wins, losses, ties, points for, and points against can be changed at any time. The games played, points and percentage will change automatically reflecting  the new data.


The printed standings lists all teams in a division in descending order starting  with the team with the most points (PTS). The program automatically assigns 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.

When teams are tied with the same number of points (PTS), the team with the most number of “wins” is listed first.  If the number of “points” and the number of  “wins” are equal, the team with the least “points against” (PA) is listed first. Note: Using the least points against to break a tie recognizes a teams defensive performance and eliminates any benefit of any team or coach “running up a score” when playing weaker teams.

League/Team Standings . . . . . . . $  49.95

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